Analysis Of The Book ' The Night Of Manzanar ' By Solomon Northup

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Farewell to manzanar is a book about a girl name Jeanne and her family. The book begins right after the pearl harbor bombing once this happens all Asian American people are forced to go to interment camps. Jeanne goes on to talking about her life with her family in the camp. She touches on points like her dad becoming an alcoholic and feeling left out because she didn’t speak Chinese. Once released from the camp she talks about how her family is trying to live a normal life like they once did before everything was taken away from them. She than ends the book talking to us about how far she has come in life. She revisits the ruins of mansard with her 3 kids and remince on her past. 12 years a slave is a movie about a man named Solomon Northup there movie takes place in the slavery era. Solomon lived up in the north where he was considered free, he was a musician and was offered to play at a big venue. After he plays he 's invited out to eat by the two white men saying that there looking talent he accepts there offer to go and eat with them. After the meal he became vary ill he wakes up in an area where slaves are prepped to be auctioned off . We fallow him as he adjust from having a loving family to living on a plantation. During his time he was often mocked for saying he was free and in on instance he was even beat. As time goes by he learns to accept that he has little to no chance of reuniting with his family. One day someone visits his plantation that Salomon us to be…

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