Analysis Of The Book ' The Lottery ' Essay

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“The Lottery” is a fictional account of a group of villagers who out of tradition conduct a yearly ceremony to determine at random who among them will be ritually sacrificed. The villagers have come to believe that the continuation of this tradition will result in good fortune, as such every year “The Lottery” is conducted at the end of June in the belief that the success of the corn harvest to follow in the coming weeks will be ensured by their ceremony. With little desire to even make minor changes to their multigenerational tradition, the villagers are all prisoners of their own experience, doomed to repeat the same fateful moments year in and year out. I would recommend that the theme gleaned this story is that we should carefully consider the consequences of the blind adherence to tradition. “The Use of Force” is a short story that depicts the events surrounding a house call made by a doctor to a deathly ill child. The doctor needing to quickly confirm a diagnosis of diphtheria in order to begin treatment of the child before it 's too late attempts to open the child 's mouth to examine her tonsils. Throughout the story the child refuses to comply, going even so far as to violently resist the doctor 's attempts to diagnose her. In the end taking into account the direness of the situation and the need for prompt treatment combined with his rage at the child 's resistance, the doctor forces a spoon down her throat confirming his suspicions. While perhaps using force to…

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