Analysis Of The Book ' The Lottery ' Essays

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Sometimes following traditions blindly without questioning its origins and consequences can be fatal. Overtime, these traditions managed to carry on simply because they had been practiced by many generations before. Nkepile Mabuse, a CNN news reporter, reveals the newly found practice of breast ironing in Cameroon in her article, "Breast Ironing Tradition Targeted in Cameroon." This practice has been around for ages, and surprisingly it is still practiced for the belief that it will stop early pregnancies if the breasts of young women are burned to a smaller size (Mabuse par. 3). The breast ironing practice is an example of old fashion tradition and superstition, which is exactly what Shirley Jackson targets in her short story "The Lottery," when a group of villagers decide to perform an annual draw where the winner is sacrificed for the good of the crops. The title of this story is deceptive because a lottery is usually considered positive, but in this case it is deadly which does not prepare the audience for the tragic ending. While this story was misleading, there were three main clues during the narrative, such as the boys gathering rocks, the black outdated box, and Mrs. Hutchinson 's objection to winning the lottery that could have helped the readers be better prepared for the story 's outcome. One example of foreshadowing in "The Lottery" is when the kids started gathering rocks, and pilling them up in a corner. Jackson starts out the story describing the beautiful…

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