Analysis Of The Book ' The Lawn ' Essay

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1. According to the author, what is the purpose of the book?
The author 's purpose for this book is to educate the public on the evolution of the lawn. As well, he teaches on the ideas of what came along with the lawn, including golf, clubs, and lawn technology. Jenkins splits that book into two sections. The first section explains how the lawn evolved, and who helped that come about. The second half of the book talks more about the lawn industry, and how it became so powerful. Each part contributes to the idea of the evolution of the lawn, and how its purpose came to be, whether it was to show power or just be something that made a community look nicer.
2. How specifically does the author say about the environmental issues associated with this plant?
Specifically in the book, the author talks about the idea of chemicals on the lawn. As well, he explains the new technology that came along with evolution of the lawn. Specifically in the book it states, “ concern over chemical safety may have contributed to a slowed growth in the lawn industry.” I include this statement because he brought up this idea that people were, and are afraid of the use of chemicals. There was also a picture that had a sign on a lawn that stated, “ Please stay off grass until dry. Chelawn application.” The chemicals used to take care of lawns were so bad that small children and pets had to stay away from them. Towards the end of that section, Jenkins talked about groups that advocated for natural…

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