Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Salinger Essay

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In the beginning of the book J.D. Salinger writes through the text of Holden 's actions with details that Holden’s confusion secludes himself from everyone and everything and shows that when he talks to Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Morrow. After Mr. Spencer was done reading Holden’s History exam and read the note at the bottom of the paper Holden put it on top of the Atlantic Monthly, “ could see he felt pretty lousy about flunking me. So I shot the bull for a while. I told him I was a moron and all that stuff.”(Salinger 12) In this quote J.D Salinger explains how confused Holden is with Mr. Spencer’s emotions with details from the text. He’s not lousy about flunking Holden, he’s lousy because Holden cannot see to get that school is important and he needs to care more about it. Holden shows his confusion when he starts to avoid what is happening and tries to make the situation better by ‘shooting the bull’ and getting down on himself to make Mr.Spencer feel better about him failing his class. Mr. Spencer is trying to make Holden realize that there 's more to life after High School. This makes him an outcast in the sense that he has no idea where he wants to go and what he wants to do with his life as a junior in High School and by the time he figures out what he wants to do it’s too late. In the subway train going to New York, Holden and Mrs. Morrow are conversing and he lies to her about his identity. When the, “...conductor came around for old Mrs. Morrow’s ticket, and it…

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