Analysis Of The Book ' The Cloud Ark ' Essay

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Since the time I wrote a journal, I was in the middle of the first section of Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves. Now, I am on page 652 and also in the second section of the novel. This section focuses on humanity five thousand years after the destruction of the moon. It focuses on Kath Two, a woman whose job is to survey the New Earth for any anomalies in the atmosphere or on the ground. The anomalies can range from mutated birds to misbehaving people. However, before focusing on Kath Two, I must first commend the people who saved humanity in the first place. The Cloud Ark, or the plan to save the human race, was not very successful to say the least. It was about as successful as John McCain’s presidential bid. In other words, it was not successful in the least. A group of idiotic insurgents led by former president of the United States Julia BF decided that it would be a great idea to abandon the Cloud Ark in an attempt to fly to Mars. This one decision caused the deaths of around ninety-five percent of the inhabitants of the Cloud Ark. The only people who ended up surviving the dilemma were JBF herself and Aïda, an Italian girl who was not too fond to Julia to say the least. However, despite this huge setback, the human race survived, even when it came down to only eight people who were all female. Now, with every conflict comes a resolution and a lesson, and three of the most important lessons so far are: do not take what you have for granted, settling differences is the only…

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