Analysis Of The Book ' The Cats Of Mirikitani ' Essay examples

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Background Information
The film called “The Cats of Mirikitani,” describes the story of a man named Jimmy Mirikitani. Jimmy was born in Sacramento, California in 1920. He was raised and educated in Hiroshima Japan. He came back to the United States in order to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Unfortunately, in 2001, he ended up living in the streets of New York. In order to survive, he used to sell his paintings. Those paintings showed his love for cats and illustrated his experiences through life such as: his childhood in Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor and WWII internment camps. During WWII, he gave up his American citizenship, but years later, he got his citizenship back. However, he never received the letter to inform him that he was again an American citizen. On September 11, after the terrorist attack of the World Trade Center, a woman named Linda decided to invite Jimmy to her apartment so he had a safe place to stay. Linda had been filming Jimmy’s art for a while. However, after she decided to bring him to her apartment, she started to become more involved in his life and help to improve his living conditions.
Case Description
Transitional Model
In order to have a better explanation of Jimmy’s attitude and behaviors, it is necessary to apply the transactional model. This model gives the opportunity to understand Jimmy’s life by analyzing the relationship between the biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors, as well as his challenges in…

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