Analysis Of The Book ' Tears Of A Tiger ' Essay

1390 Words Dec 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Have you ever been so depressed you thought that you could not go on any longer? In the book Tears of a Tiger, series of tragic events happen that change the lives of seniors. The first thing that happens is Andy, Rob, B.J, and Tryone all are partying and drinking. Then Andy started driving them somewhere and he crashes the vehicle, everyone survives but Rob. Rob burns in the car while the other are forced to stand and watch without being able to save him. Andy throughout the book blames himself for Rob 's death. Every other character expect for Andy can get over his death but Andy took on more than he could handle. He started to see a physiatrist, Dr. Carrothers. Andy lied to himself and everyone about how he was feeling so no one was terribly concerned for him. Keshia, Andy 's girlfriend gets sick and tired of Andy and his random fits of sadness and breaks up with him even though she knows how bad he is, and knows it will make him even worse than he already is. Then the pain gets to be too much for him to handle so he calls Dr.Carrothers but he is on vacation and can 't take his calls and he calls Keshia who is sleeping. With no one to talk to he gets really bad and skips school, while he is home alone he commits suicide with his dad 's hunting riffle. Monty Andy 's 6 year old brother finds him by spotting blood on the ceiling. His friends now have to learn to cope with both Andy and Rob being gone. In conclusion I think that Dr. Carrothers, Keshia, Keshia 's mother, Andy…

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