Analysis Of The Book ' Self Made Man ' Essay

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Ciara Campos
Sociology 200
Kathryn Coleman
January 17, 2016

Self-Made Man

Norah Vincent is an American columnist who wrote the book Self-Made Man and many other great books. The book is about a woman, Norah who goes undercover as a man who wanted to experience how life was for the opposite sex. Just like her book cover, it shows two photographs, Norah dressed as herself, a woman who looks confident and the other disguised a man. In this book, Norah spent a year and a half disguised as her male alter ego, Ned, discovering what men are like when they aren’t around women. First, dressed as Ned, she signed him up in a bowling league, a sales job, a men’s therapy group, as well as the dating scene. Ned has a five o’clock shadow, a crew cut, and a wire-rimmed glasses. To get into character Norah also had Ned to get into shape, have a muscular body like some men and went to the gym with a personal trainer. What motivated Vincent to get into character was how she noticed the way men look at women in the streets and how men don’t notice other men at all. Her friend dared and dressed her up in drag one night to go for a walk in her neighborhood in New York to notice any differences, and there wasn’t any. Just alone as a women, men would stare at her, “As a women, you couldn’t walk down those streets invisibly. You were an object of desire or at least semiprurient interest to the men who waited there, even if you weren’t pretty” (Vincent 13). Vincent went all in with her experience…

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