Analysis Of The Book ' Rip Van Winkle ' Essay

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Every one of us as kids loved reading myths such as Hercules or Perseus. However, did you know that there are some myths that originated right at home? Washington Irving’s story of Rip Van Winkle manages to merge several traits of a mythological story. The traits we will focus on include, setting the story in the past, filled with exaggerated characters, and features magical events with their consequences. How do these traits affect the story? And how do readers feel because of these traits? Now, Irving uses the setting to add a mythological characteristic to “Rip Van Winkle”. The years after the American Revolution used as the setting further the plot. When we first meet Rip Van Winkle he was living in a “village” which “was yet a province of Great Britain.” (Irving, 62) When he awakens to a new nation with a new government it causes him a great deal of confusion and surprise. In this fantastical tale from Irving we see how he tries to use a nostalgic tone with a mythological story helping us see Rip Van Winkle 's amazement in dealing with his change from one society to another. This helps push that fantastic feeling of amazement that this story tries to draw us into. This characteristic shares an idea or theme that change will happen and is unavoidable. As the reader they see that like Van Winkle we can let time pass us by as we “sleep”. Although the story exaggerates and Van Winkle’s case is overly dramatic, readers can relate to a time we feel like 20 years…

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