Analysis Of The Book ' Obscura ' By Lauren Slater Essay

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. The author of the chapter “Obscura” is Lauren Slater; she is a psychologist as well. This chapter comes out of a novel called Opening Skinners Box. The main characters presented in this chapter are Stanley Milgram, who is in charge of doing the experiment on testing obedience, and there was fake names given to the volunteers for the experiment. This chapter was about an experiment that tested the importance of obeying somebody in a white coat and who would obey or give up. There was a teacher and a learner in this experiment; the learner was put in an electric chair and every answer he would get wrong he would receive a higher shock voltage from the teacher. An analysis of the “Obscura” chapter is that it challenges us how to respect our authority, the power somebody in a white coat has over a college student, and overall obedience to authority. Stanley Milgram wanted to study obedience to authority in 1961, and at the time he was a twenty-seven year old Yale assistant professor of psychology. The experimenter says, “we are interested in learning about the effects of punishment on learning” (Slater 33). It was taken as if somebody were to fail in some area of learning or if the student would pay attention to somebody that was just average and fit in with the rest. The punishment of learning was to help with some studies for the educational system. The person giving the experiment mentions, “In this experiment, one of you will be the learner and receive shocks when you…

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