Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Killing The Divine Animal '

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Throughout the years, authors have studied the interactions between the species of the earth and have conveyed their findings through their literary works. Authors, such as, Charles Darwin, Sir James George Frazer, and Jack London, all have published works in this area. These three authors have several points that are similar to each other, as well as their differences also. The points are: the relationships between humans and animals, the competition for life in all species, and the instincts that animals possess. Also, the main goal of life, which is survival, is deeply embodied in each of these works. First, animals and humans have interacted with each other for numerous years. Examples of these interactions can be found within the works of Frazer and London. In the chapter titled “Killing the Divine Animal” of Sir James George Frazer’s work The Golden Bough, he writes about indigenous tribes who worship animals and think of them as gods. These tribes consider them to be equal or higher than humans in the world and they believe that humans were derived from animals, which ties into the theory of evolution. In contrast, the book The Call of the Wild by Jack London has quite different human and animal interactions. The humans believe that they are above animals in the world and that they control them. In the book, the main character, Buck, encounters a wide variety of owners and sees firsthand the cruelty and kindness of the human race. At times, he was beaten into…

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