Analysis Of The Book ' Harrison Bergeron ' Essay

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Imagine wearing sash weights on a hot summer day. Should everyone be forced into equality? In “Harrison Bergeron,” gives an example of what life could be like in the year 2081. George and Hazel both had a high intelligence but couldn’t use it, they weren’t able to express their true beauty, and had to walk with bags weighing them down. The theme of this story is for people too see that not everyone should be treated equal in some situations. To sum up, in Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s story “Harrison Bergeron,” he describes that everyone are treated equal. The two main characters are, George and Hazel Bergeron, who are being treated as if they have something wrong with them. In all reality, they are both normal and have a high intelligence. George and Hazel have a fourteen-year-old son named Harrison that is taken away and put into jail by the H-G men. He later escapes and George and Hazel see him on their television screen. He demands he dance with one of the ballerinas, so he rips her handicap earpiece off and begins dancing. Then, the Handicapper General, Diane Moon Glampers comes in and shoots them dead. Sadly, George and Hazel doesn’t remember what happened to their son because the earpieces they have to wear sends some sharp noise to keep them from taking advantage of their brains. Additionally, “Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is now recognized to be the most important postmodern writer.”(Vonnegut Jr., para. 1). Vonnegut was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and was elected to…

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