Analysis Of The Book ' Ghost Boy ' By Martin Pistorius Essay

1140 Words Jan 5th, 2016 5 Pages
Martin Pistorius was a regular kid, living a regular life in South Africa until one day, it took a turn for the worst… or maybe it was for the better. When he was twelve years old, he had a sore throat. In the months to follow, Martin’s body had degenerated and he became a quadriplegic. He was also unable to speak. Martin soon became entirely dependent on caregivers, and he was always being moved from care center to care center. Little did the people around him know, Martin’s mind was completely lucid and awake. This meant he was actually able to hear and understand everything that was happening around him, but he was not able to express himself as he was basically trapped inside his own body. ☺ Ghost Boy is the book Martin wrote about his own personal experiences from his childhood into his adult life now. Despite the challenges and setbacks he faced along his road to recovery, Martin is now able to share his story with many people and inspire others, regardless of if they are affected with similar situations. In this journal, I will be evaluating Martin, comparing the similarities of Ghost Boy to Out of My Mind, and questioning certain aspects of the book that I did not agree with. Martin Pistorius is a inspirational man who shared his personal story for the entire world to read. He is a prowess and never gives up. He was constantly diminished due to his disability, as well as crestfallen due actions and ridiculing of others. Parents, siblings, care providers, neighbors,…

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