Analysis Of The Book ' David Sedaris ' Essays

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David Sedaris, author of Us and Them, recounts the events after hearing of a television deprived family who lives down his street, the Tomkeys. Confused, Sedaris sets out to find what they could possibly be doing if not getting their information from a daily dose of T.V. “so [he] began peering through the Tomkeys’ windows.” (799) What he found intrigued him. The Tomkeys were “forced to talk during dinner,” they hadn’t a clue “what dinner was supposed to like or even what time people were supposed to eat” (Sedaris 799). Sedaris enjoyed the mystery and the “good feeling [he] got from pitying them”. He felt like their keeper, but that all changed once their ignorance interfered with one of his favorite activities, Halloween. The Tomkeys had spent the weekend at the lake and missed the designated time to trick-or-treat. On the night after Halloween, they showed up to Sedaris’s door asking for candy. Sedaris felt that asking for candy on “November first was called begging,” but they had given out all the candy the night before so their mom forced them to give some of their candy to them. In a rush to save his most prized candy, Sedaris rushes into him room and starts separating the candy in to groups, group one being his most favorite and so on. Knowing it was just a matter of time before his mom rushed in to grab whatever candy hit her hand first, he starts to panic and the sound of the doorknob turning sets him off. He starts ripping open group one and shoving them in his…

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