Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' 12 Years A Slave ' By Solomon Northup

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Kidnapped in 1841 and enslaved for 12 years, Solomon Northup tells his story in a heart-wrenching autobiography, 12 Years A Slave. The books exceptional portrayal of his journey from being a free man, to then being kidnapped and tricked into slavery, has extremely graphic and vivid scenes and stories, which led to this book becoming a bestseller. This book is rare because it has both perspectives from Solomon Northup, him being a free man as well as him being a slave. This emotionally strong and compelling autobiography was made into a movie in 2013. Although the book went into much more detail, the movie was forced to condense and leave out many scenes in order to make it an appropriate length and also entertaining for the viewers. It was made in a way which was able to give a real life view of the day-to-day struggles not only Solomon Northup went through, but all slaves as a whole. While the book explains Northup having some good and some bad relationships with his different slave owners, the movie shows almost all his relationships as bad and disconnected. As stated and shown throughout the book, Northup’s relationship with master William Ford, was pretty decent. He described Ford as being “In [his] my opinion, there never was a more kind, noble, candid, christian man than William Ford.” (Northup, 57) In the autobiography, Northup also goes into great detail about when he resided with Ford. He even went on to say that being there allowed him to see the bright side…

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