Analysis Of The Article ' The Way A Wolf Sees Things ' Essay

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In the article “The Way a Wolf Sees Things” author Conrad Geller writes about Jack London’s writing style and how it explores “what life must feel like to a wild animal” (1). Being able to capture the lifetime of White Fang gives London the ability to introduce new ideas and perspectives to an animal who is a symbol of the wild. In Jack London’s novel White Fang, the main character is a wolf who is given the name White Fang when he is domesticated by a Native American tribe. White Fang learns that his purpose is to provide food and protection to the people he serves. When White Fang is used for the good and wealth of others, he puts the needs of humans before himself and starts treating humans like his “gods”. By using White Fang for a human’s own materialistic needs, Jack London uses marxism to disrupt the beliefs of naturalism, putting economic needs before the importance of nature.
The book begins with London’s description of the Northern Wild. He describes the wild as “the masterful and incommunicable wisdom of eternity laughing at the futility of life and the effort of life” (London 3). London’s description of the wild mocks the existence of life by using the wisdom of eternity to justify that life is worthless. In this case, humans are the ones who are corrupted and at fault when they are being compared to nature, being only meak forces against nature. In a literteral analysis of White Fang, nature is described as being a struggle…

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