Analysis Of The Article ' Drug War Nightmare ' By Michelle Alexander

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Michelle Alexander wrote an interesting article about how people in the U.S are ‘blind’ when it comes to racism called “Drug War Nightmare: How We Created a Massive Racial Caste System in America”. She says that the racial discrimination seems to be fading away but everybody is just ignoring it. She wrote this essay to make people realize that everybody needs to wake up and notice what is happening to the people who are part of the American society. Her essay is very effective and makes us realize what is happening but she has yet to provide a solution for this problem. Alexander uses several appeals to attract readers and her ethos and pathos appeals were the most effective to me. I disagree with her when she states about how white communities are unaware about the black communities.

Michelle Alexander wrote an article called ‘Drug War Nightmare’ talking about how blind the American society is when it comes to racism. In Alexander’s essay she talks about how the U.S was and still is very discriminant towards the black. She says that as the years come by the discrimination has gotten better but it still exists. She uses the War on Drugs widely for how the country tried to imprison many black people due to drugs in the 1980’s and 1990’s in this essay to support her arguments. She uses this to say that the reason of the numerous amounts of blacks being in prison because they are just ‘dangerous’ is all an illusion. She…

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