Analysis Of The Article ' Body Rituals Among The ' Essay example

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"Body Rituals among the Nacirema" was a well written article. Horace Miner presented a strong argument to back up the claim of magic and the human body being a major factor in the Nacirema culture rituals. The opinions and biases were kept to a minumum, and rather let the argument speak for itself. The article did not come of as harsh nor judgmental, but some choice words made the culture sound more exotic in some situations than need be. The format was also logically laid out and easy for the reader to follow. The author was trying to get across the point of magical practices and rituals setting this culture apart from many others, and he did a great job at it. The article is very informative and only contained information on rituals pertaining to magic and the human body. There were several topics that he went into depth on such as the shrines and oral care, where he shares practices that would not be commonly heard of in other cultures. The examples he used, such as the oral ritual for children, strenghtened his argument and helped the reader understand the belief behind topics. The author also earned credibility as he spoke of how the natives described the entirty of the shrine box to him, and allowed the reader to find the rest of the information in the article more believable as well as accurate.The argument was also successful from being mostly factual based rather than opinion based; however, his opinion on the Nacirema people having a machonist tendency should…

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