Analysis Of Sylvia Plath 's ' Daddy Essay

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In Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy,” Plath discusses her troubling relationships, mostly between her father, that had an enormous impact on her life. Attempting to finally rid herself of her father’s control, Plath uses this poem to metaphorically kill him over and over again while continuing to hold on to bits and pieces of him that she still loves and misses. His psychological control over her took a toll on her mentally as seen through a number of suicide attempts. She uses this to propel her work, causing her to be one of the greatest writers to ever live. Sylvia Plath’s early life is seen to affected her mental stability, which is often expressed through her writing, and is especially evident in “Daddy.”
In Plath’s writing, it is very evident that she struggles to connect with the male figures that have a crucial impact in her life. Many young women can say they have experienced daddy issues in their life, but it would be hard to believe that they were as bad as Plath’s relationship with her father. In many of Plath’s writings, specifically in “Daddy,” the conflicts between her and her father continues to pose a threat to her life even after his death. McCann believes, “This poem is a violent, discordant attack on the dead parent” (1). This sort of attack is not as much as a hate crime, but more of a way to rid herself of his presence in her life. She believes the only way to free herself is to go through a symbolic killing of him. Plath repeatedly uses the “I” pronoun to signify…

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