Essay on Analysis Of ' Sula 's Death

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Although the ideas of the novel are complex, the author’s writing style is straightforward. She purposely describes the story in third person’s point of view. The omniscient narrator presents all the characters’ behaviors and their thoughts to avoid any judgments on them. Therefore, readers are clear about what happened and why it happened. However, the author does use satire in Sula’s death. People in the Bottom indicate that Sula’s death brings a good impact on community. Ironically, Sula’s death actually has a negative impact on the Bottom community because the harmonious life is dissolved without Sula’ evil, which influences townspeople to cherish others. In addition, the author uses heavy descriptions of black women characters, especially family lives of Nel and Sula. Their identities are shaped by how they perceive women figures at home and in community. The author also uses fire and water to symbolize the death. Sula witnesses the death twice in adolescence when she sees Chicken Little drown in river, and her mother dies in a fire accident. To match culture background of main characters, the author sets the story takes place in the first half of the twentieth century. From 1920s to 1960s, African-Americans struggle with constant discrimination and racism, which leads to Civil Rights. Movement, conversations between characters are in a local dialect. These realistic dialogues represent the author’s respect of African-American culture.
Review of the novel from a social…

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