Essay about Analysis Of Sonny 's Blues By James Baldwin

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A short story that is heavily influenced by the civil rights movement is Sonny’s Blues. This inspiring short story is written by James Baldwin, a truly great African American author, and was published in 1957. This racial unrest is shown through an analysis of this story’s setting, characters, symbols and themes. The setting of this story takes place in 1920’s Harlem, New York, and known for the “Harlem Renaissance” movement. It was the center for black culture; black artists flocked to this city to create new ideas and make new contributions through literature, art, dance, and music. During this time, African Americans were tired of racial prejudices and were against white, night club establishments in their city that use Jim Crow law. This law kept blacks from entering these establishments, such as the Cotton Club. Gangsters, bootleggers, and drug sellers were common in this economic society. The setting of Sonny’s blues is a fascinating backdrop for the plot of this story.
As the story begins, Sonny’s brother, also known as the narrator of this story, is riding to work on a subway. The narrator is a conventional high school algebra teacher living in a middle class society. He has a wife and three children, a girl and two boys. He reads an article in the paper that tells of Sonny’s arrest for heroin peddling. The narrator feels very concerned that Sonny will be going to prison.
He flashes back to his mother lying on her deathbed. She asks the narrator to take…

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