Analysis Of Siobhan Vivian 's Book, Ugliest, And Another Girl Cheering

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Imagine walking into high school and going to the school bulletin board that lists all the events going on during school and after school. But instead, since its homecoming week something else is plastered to the board. On the board is a 9 by 9 piece of paper ready to ruin someones life today. There are only a few words in size 140 font, and these words will make a detrimental impact in one girls life. Imagine walking up the the board and seeing your name in the column “UGLIEST,” and another girl cheering because her name is finally on the “PRETTIEST” side. What would you do? I read The List by Siobhan Vivian and it is a must read because it is relatable to our age group and life, it is shown in more than one perspective, and a lesson is taught throughout the book.
The List by Siobhan Vivian is book I would recommend reading when you’re in high school because it relates to maybe not all high schoolers lives, but it relates to many peoples life. A small thing that this book would relate to any high schooler is that its homecoming week. This is one of the best weeks of high school, and it really relates because high schoolers know the stress of that week. Secondly, this book shows relation to our lives by using each girl to connect to problems in any high schoolers life. You see the girls go through: eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and happiness. These are all things some high school girls go through and I think that really connects to our life and makes it interesting.…

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