Essay on Analysis Of Singer 's Rich And Poor

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Millions of people are currently living in absolute poverty, while there are those who have the financial capacity to use their assets to acquire not essential items. Peter Singer believes that those who can afford to donate a sum of their money to poverty relief are morally required to do so. This paper will summarize Singer 's Rich and Poor and demonstrate how failing to save a drowning kid is not the same as failing to donate to poverty relief. Peter Singer argues that those who are affluent buy meals not so that they can relief their hunger, but for the pleasure of eating that meal (Quote). To be clear, Singer does not condemn such actions as wasteful or wrong. What he is trying to prove is that there are people who have enough capital and wealth that can donate a portion of that wealth to poverty relief and they would likely not notice nor will it affect their living style. He believes that these people should be under obligation to donate a small portion of their money to put food on the tables of those in dire need. Singer expands this moral obligation to governments as well, which he believes must take a more affirmative stance towards combating poverty in third world countries. Surprisingly governments and individuals are indeed willing to donate money to countries that are in need after a natural disaster. People are willing to donate their time and money to private organizations to help those caught in the disaster. The problem with this is that majority of…

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