Analysis Of Roxane Gay 's All Things Being Relative Essay

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Ayiti by Roxane Gay is a series of fifteen short stories that focus on various aspects of Haitian life. The author employs several unique writing styles that separate the text into different sections that tell many stories. Each story details different sets of challenges that Haitian people face both domestically and abroad. In each story, the characters’ descriptions of Haiti are both positive and negative. For example, in the story “All Things Being Relative”, the narrator shares two different perspectives of Haiti from their position in Michigan. Positively, the narrator states, “The sand is always warm. The water is so clear blue bright that it is sometimes painful to behold. The art and music are rich, textured, revelatory, ecstatic. The sugar cane is raw and sweet.” (p. 88). This drastically varies from the same narrator’s negative account of their country, which states “What most people know is this – Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Her people eat mud cakes. There is no infrastructure – no sewer system, no reliable roads, erratic electricity. Women are not safe. Disease cannot be cured. Violence cannot be quelled. The land is eroding. The sky is falling.” (p. 88). This is just one example of how Haitians vary in their perceptions of their country. It is important to highlight these varying perceptions as they are heavily associated with the politics of survival of Haitian women. One example of the politics of survival of Haitian women…

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