Analysis Of Robert Hayden 's ' The Great Depression ' Essay

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Influences are something that every person has, whether it is purposeful or accidental. Influences are in everything, such as family and even work. In poetry, the author sometimes expresses their family dynamics through their writing, letting these dynamics shape not only their lives, but also their works. With some of these dynamics being from the Great Depression, these elements in Hayden’s works through his always working adoptive father, Clifton’s works through her deceased father, and Roethke’s works through his deceased father. Parents are the most influential people in a person’s life, whether it is in a good way or a bad way, and even if they are adoptive parents. This being said, many poet’s work is fueled by the influences that their parents have had on their lives. Any choice that a parent makes affects their children’s life, a choice being such as abandoning them. When parents abandon a child, the effect it has on the child deeply roots itself inside of them. The poet Robert Hayden is one of those children that were abandoned by his parents. Hayden was abandoned by his parents before he could even walk, but this was not the worst he had to deal with. His adoptive mother was very verbally and physically abusive. Feast said that Hayden’s “foster mother often reminded the boy how much he owed her for taking him in when his own mother had rejected him.”(Feast 1). The author Faulkner also said that with his biological mother living next door and his abusive, adoptive…

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