Analysis Of Richard 's Wright 's Ultimate Motive Essay

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I choose this quote to focus on because I feel in properly ties together Bigger 's actions in the story and Richard 's Wright 's ultimate motive. This is said by Max, the defendant lawyer for Bigger during the trial. I was turned off by this quote and other ways Wright used Bigger 's upbringing to justify his murders. Bigger lives in a small, rodent infected apartment in south side Chicago crowded among his other family members. It is a reality that he did not get to choose, he was born into this social status. We are thought that America is the land of opportunity, where you can make dreams happen. In Bigger 's case, he cannot strive for success because he lives in a world where the whites dominate and do not take a black man like him seriously. Bigger cannot get into aviator school and racist real estate practices forces his family to stay in their apartment. When Bigger arrives to Dalton 's home, he sees the exact opposite then his apartment: nice furniture, spacious environment, a maid, the true embodiment of The American Dream. I think Bigger might 've thought this to be unfair, Dalton seems to effortlessly live a perfect life, a life Bigger can only dream of viewing. Bigger 's anger is completely justifiable, I share the same feeling that he has explained. Like when Bigger refers to whites has a external force who has stripped him of his opportunities, I sometimes share the same feelings when I face discrimination, particularly in a education/job setting. If the…

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