Analysis Of Richard Yates 's Revolutionary Road Essay

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Part One of Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates, comments on the way societal standards in the time period influence people’s interpersonal relationships. In specific this paper will examine chapter two (28-30) where we enter a scene in which April and Frank are coming to the end of a heated argument. The silent mutual agreement to return home, takes us back to their first encounter with Revolutionary Road. The flashback highlights the hopeful ideals the protagonists had before being constricted into the very plastic suburban culture of the area, later observed in this passage. When contrasted with the present time, it is clear that falling into conformity is the reason for the development of their poor communication skills and diminishing relationship. In the first paragraph, the reader is greeted by the aforementioned confrontation where Frank is seen taking out his frustration on his vehicle rather than April; his wife. Described in the second paragraph as “parched, hard-breathing mouths, with wobbling heads and shaking limbs” (28) you can tell that the battle between the two has been tiresome and is taking an obvious toll on their health. Yates delineates the two as “very old and tired people” after the fact, further evidence of the developed travesty around their relationship in the present day.
The flashback, ushered in by the third paragraph, gives the assumption that they were quite the harmonious couple before settling in the neighbourhood given the description…

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