Essay on Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451

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Dr. Suess once said, “Why fit in when you are born to stand out.” Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, is a dystopian novel focused around the habits that arise as technology outsmarts the population. The focus of the novel is a man named Guy Montag who lives in a society that has been overrun by the government. Technology has been imposed on the population to regulate their everyday lives. Everyone appears happy except for Guy Montag, who is beginning to question his own actions. Conformity’s negative impact is a crucial message that repeatedly appears in any society through the influence of entertainment, education, and occupation. The forms of entertainment that exist in the Fahrenheit 451 city seem obscure to people’s liking today. In the book, conformity is prevalent because nearly everyone enjoys the exact same hobbies: listening to seashell earpieces, spending time with the four-wall televisions, and driving high-speed cars. This understood agreement creates burden filled lives for the few individuals who want to live independently. The pastime that consumes most of society’s lives is hearing noises through their ears. All of the characters own a piece of technology called a seashell. The seashells are inserted into their ears and used to convey important, government-issued information to the citizens. After Faber issues Montag a small, two-way radio, Faber informs Montag about the government’s use of the earpieces by stating, “They said you retain knowledge…

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