Essay on Analysis Of Race Rebels By Robert Park

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History has been written through the lenses of powerful white men. In most accounts the information gained and written is from a biased outlook with a great deal of speculation, and often altered from its true form. As author Kelly states in his book Race Rebels, too many scholars distort and omit the private side of African Americans’ social and cultural history (Kelly). Westerners had a common notion that Africans who were enslaved lost all their cultural ties and tradition due to the traumatic experiences during the transatlantic voyage; this idea was coined by Robert Park and is called tabula rasa. It is considers a “blank slate” a loss of heritage, culture and beliefs for the slaves. Comparatively, there is a prevailing ideology that enslaved Africans remained docile and obedient to masters. Many authors such as Levine, Stevenson and Faust dare to challenge the actions of slaves through the material covered in class using slave spirituality, slave music and slave folklore. The film Daughters of Dust exemplifies how the Gullah people who resided on an island off the coast of South Carolina preserved African customs. Despite nana Peazant wanting to maintain the old African tradition, viewers see the character Viola returns from the main land, and has developed Christianity. Religion is valuable to her and she insists the rest of her family go to the mainland with her to join Christianity while leaving the old customs behind. Readings from authors Levine,…

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