Analysis Of Psyche's Lover, The God Of Lovers

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Psyche’s Lover, The god of Lovers The myth of Psyche and her husband and lover Cupid is one of trials and tribulation. Its was created by a male led/authoritative society, where the omen must have full faith in their husbands. In this myth we can see that there are times of unfaithfulness, a bride’s stupidity and a husband and wife that despite all odds end up living happily forever after. In the ancient Greek culture being male was everything. Women had no rights, they were merely what them men wanted them to be, often a bride, or child giver. Their whole society saw men as superior, and in charge. This was a hero story for not just the men but for the women as well. In a culture where female role models were severely lacking, a story of …show more content…
In Psyche we see the typical call to journey, supernatural aid, belly of the whale, Trials, and the return, or Refusal of Return (Thury, 219). We see Psyche who is told by a prophet that she would marry a great being, form there she departs to her destined fate, that was her call to adventure. She may have gone unhappily, however Psyche accepted her fate and patiently awaited her eternal partner. Accepting her fate, she skipped over having a refusal of the call part of the story. Next, we see the supernatural aid in her astonishing looks, which are so breathtaking that even the animals respond with attempts to help her, like Snow White, or Cinderella. Next Psyche is thrown/ carried gently by her lover into the belly of the whale part of the story, the gorgeous palace with al she could ever ask for. We then see the road of trials, and meeting the goddess. Psyche meets the goddess Venus who then tasks her with trials to prove that she should lead or show Psyche to her son Cupid. Next, we see the multiple tasks that befall the female hero. All impossible tasks, except for when her supernal aid (her good looks) get her out of that situation. Lastly, we see that there is the refusal to return from the journey. Psyche becomes an immortal being, who ends up living among the gods upon MT Olympus. There really is no return from immortality, nor living among the gods, with a deity for a husband. This hero story is one of a kind is many aspects form the hero, to the ending. In Greek mythology female heroes were not a common thing. Heroes are typically some male either sired or chosen by the gods and usually they die a heroic death. Achieving fame, its own kind of immortality. Not only is the hero in this story a female, but the hero gains actual immortality. Not just through her deeds is she remembered, but remaining among the gods of Olympus until the end of time.

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