Analysis Of Prince Of Persia ' The Sands Of Time Essay

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Selfishness is a part of being human. It is the primal instinct that drives us to take care of ourselves first and others later. But it can be too strong of an aspect in people. It is more than just eating the whole chocolate bar without sharing it. Or taking two candies when the teacher is passing them out and tells the class “everyone only take one”. When it gets to the point in which selfishness takes over and you’re only thinking of yourself and no-one else all the time, it has consumed the mind. In Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, there is a city in which a dagger exists which turns back time. The story follows a man named Dustan, who is an orphaned son of the King Sharaman. The king has three sons (including Dustan) as well as a younger brother. The brother 's name is Nizam, and he saved the king from death when they were very young. They are Persians, and they raid a town thinking that it is supplying their enemies with weapons. This is part of Nizam’s elaborate plan in order to become king. Both Nizam and Macbeth are selfish for the crown. They believe murder is necessary, they use others for their own benefit, and they only think for themselves.

Murder is not necessary in order to become king. But for some reason, both Nizam and Macbeth believe that this is the case. It is a mental ailment that these characters have fallen illness to. In Macbeth’s case, he killed King Duncan. This was all fine and dandy, except for the fact that the witches told him in the…

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