Analysis Of `` Politics `` By Langston Hughes Essay

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In Langston Hughes, poem “politics” (Thruston) and bringing everyone together was one of his main priorities to talk about in his poetry. Other of Langston Hughes 's poetry has been about his past and how to identify himself as a person in the time period when segregation was in the role. Everyone did not understand why a black African American man was writing in such a manner where he can get in a lot of hatred coming through and also can be in a lot of trouble with the authority. He uses imagery to express love in his poem between Black men and Black women, nature, romantic quandary, mother-daughter and father-son relations, friendship, and silences. “The romanticization of Africa is one of the basic characteristics of Hughes 's early poetry during the Harlem Renaissance where an image of an idealistic, pre-colonial Africa is integral to the emerging feelings of ethnic pride among African-Americans at that time” (Gohar). One poem that follows in the Harlem Renaissance, "The Negro Artist and Racial Mountain" (Borden), describes himself that “[he] want[s] to be a poet, not a Negro poet” (Borden). “To Hughes, identity is inseparable from, and indeed central to, one 's artistry. His work is strengthened by a poetic imagination which enters the consciousness of those with varying experiences. Hughes 's images are at times disturbing, also comforting, alternately sad and joyous, and directly connected to his identity as a Black man Who heard the voices of many-white and of…

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