Analysis Of Poems Written By Me Essay

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Table of Contents – Poems Written By Me
Outside 1
Food 3
Vows 4
True Identity 5
Monochrome 6
It Flew 7
The Origin of Sandstorms 8
Exceptions 9

If in columns, read the left one first and down, then to the top of the right. Outside
Breaking shadows, cracking dawn
Mother bird composes her song
Bright, white light casts its shade
On firm, strong trees proudly made

Relief from heat, in waters blue
That rushing rivers flow into
Creeping spiders find their rest
Within the oaks where sparrows nest

Golden wheat, swaying gaily
Worms burrowing casually
Land forms roam unthinkingly
Chickadees laugh carelessly

Thunder cracks, lighting booms
Sweet, the rain perfumes
Colossal raindrops hit dirt in plumes of dust
Seek shelter little birds, you must

Subsiding clouds drift off
Out, the sun thaws
Resuming activity gradually commences
As water droplet settles

This poem is a quatrain about the nature. I wanted it to be very visual and capturing. Don’t be bored reading it. Imagine you are standing in a meadow full of flowers, birds and rabbits; life.
Pizza, steaming hot
Like my sister’s boyfriend
Or…maybe not

Peppers, boiling pain
Like a bottle of wine
Or a tub of champagne

Megan’s ice cream cake
Like cotton cloud
Flavored candy flakes

Salt and vinegar chips, melting tongue
Like burning a paper plate
The flavor has clung

The flavor of life
The taste of food
Are often alike

This poem is a tercet. It has three lines for each stanza and the rhyming scheme is…

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