Essay on Analysis Of Poem ' One Art '

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Analysis of the Poem “One Art”
Stylistic devices in poetry play a vital role because they allow a poet to convey meaning, emotion, and tone of his or her poem. Without the stylistic devices, it would hard for people to understand what the poets wanted them to understand from reading their poems. For example, the significance and meaning of a poem can be conveyed via the poem’s form. In particular, the poet can use a formal arrangement such as a sonnet or an ode when writing about a serious subject. Stylistic devices like rhyme and rhythm play a significant part of the style used by a poet. Furthermore, the poet may choose to use certain words for their sound or the meaning that he or she wants to pass across. The other stylistic device that is at the disposal of the poets is repetition. The main purpose of repetition is to reinforce the meaning that the poet wants the audience to acquire. By repeating particular phrases, the poet can be able to draw the attention of the readers to the intended meaning. The other literary devices that poets can use include; assonance, alliteration, and personification, among others. The literary devices can also be non-technical in that they can involve the poem’s content or use of imageries from nature. Therefore, style can refer to any aspect of poetry that is often used by the poets. Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art” employs formal poetic structures to come to terms with and contain the enormity of loss. This paper will show how Bishop uses…

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