Analysis Of Poe 's ' The Raven Or The Black Cat ' Essay

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Often in Poe’s writings is the presence of animals that act in a manner almost supernatural. While it is easy to dismiss them as characters merely created with the intention to scare the audience, they actually have much deeper meaning in that they are used to speak more about the protagonist psychologically. In some such stories, like Metzengerstein, the tale is written with a detached narrator who witnesses the fall of the protagonist to darkness. In other stories, like in The Raven or The Black Cat, there is a narrator detailing his own experiences while leaving the possibility of unreliable narration in which his perspective becomes unintentionally twisted by his own fears. Regardless of the vantage point, all such stories masterfully use animals to convey a sense of dread and untamed cruelty that represent an aspect of human nature behind the mask of civility that all people try to wear. This inner aspect creeps in despite how much people try to hide it, and Poe strives to uncover it. In his works of literature, Poe uses animals to explore the depths of the human psyche and expose hidden feelings found deep within the subconscious to demonstrate that emotions always prevail. In perhaps his most famous story, The Raven, Poe uses a raven to demonstrate the narrator’s fall to grief and his descent to insanity. Initially in the story, the narrator meets the bird and is delighted at meeting the creature, as demonstrated when he states that it “beguil[ed] [his] sad fancy…

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