Analysis Of Peter Jackson 's Remake Of King Kong And The Japanese Original Version Of Godzilla

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Monster is defined as a strange and horrible imagery creature. They are the wild things which create fears in both the book and the screen. The fear comes from their enormous body, dreadful appearance, and tremendous power. However, the superficial terror is not the only one that gives people nightmare. The more drastic horror comes from the uncertainty of the monster’s origin and motivation. Where is the monster coming from? Why is the monsters destroying the society we live in? These questions always remain in our head. In Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong and the Japanese original version of Godzilla, King Kong and Godzilla are reminders to people’s action and they also contribute to the improvement of the society.
Admittedly, most monsters are from the ancient times and they are not part of the modern environment. Gozilla, King Kong, Dracula, and Jaws are all horrible creatures that live for a particular long time and stay far away from the modern society. Gozilla is designed as a creature lived in Permian which is about 0.25 billion years ago; the age of King Kong is comparable to the age of the dinosaurs on the same island; the prototype of Dracula is a person called Vlad Tepes Dracula who was born in 1431; Jaws is a gigantic white shark which lives in the deep sea for a very long time. Though these monsters are immemorial, incompatibility is not the reason for them to refuse to be part of the society and disrupt it. The monsters are aggressive because they are born…

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