Essay on Analysis Of Paul Ellis 's ' The Kkk Group '

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Claiborne Paul Ellis[he is a white person],who was one of the Exalted Cyclops of the KKK group in Durham, is probably the most empathetic, and sympathetic, human being in the history of mankind. C.P. Ellis was a former KKK leader in his home city, and the person who influenced him to become a leader for the KKK was his father. The major question was that why is the former leader empathetic towards the very same people that he was going against? The answer is simple, he saw them as a human being and realized that they all share the same problems he was having. On the other hand, he clearly didn’t just one day came to like blacks, it took ten days for C.P. Ellis to change his opinion of blacks, and it was through a steering community. So, how does C.P. Ellis relates to To Kill a Mockingbird? Through the events of the novel, Lee teaches that having empathy for others is important because it can help us better understand another person’s situation and as a result it will stop us from harming other, and it is also a way to overcome personal prejudices.
Throughout the novel, Harper Lee shows that having empathy for another person is really important because it helps you to get a better understanding of their situation. After Scout was being hit on the hand with a ruler by the new first grade teacher because she was helping Walter decline her offer for the quarter. Scout was motivated to do this because she wanted to help Walter Cunningham not get into trouble, instead she got a…

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