Analysis Of Ophelia Syndrome And The Allegory Of The Cave Essay

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Exploring new things throughout life is difficult in certain aspects, but well worth it after achieving your goals. While reading Diagnosing and Treating the Ophelia Syndrome and The Allegory of the Cave, I have learned that new things can help you figure out likes and dislikes about you. Ophelia Syndrome is the example of not believing in yourself and trusting someone else opinion. The Allegory of the Cave is more of a naïve embark of slaves being held against their will. One slave becomes free and escapes and learns that there is a world outside of the cave. Both of the readings have similarities and differences. The both give in to the fact that it is better to rely on yourself, and not be dependent on anyone. Another similarity is that it is okay to explore a different side of life and learn new things. One difference is the matter of depiction in
Discovered trust; the aspect of how they should live up to certain expectations. Treating and Diagnosing of Ophelia Syndrome grabbed my attention more than The Allegory of the Cave.
Being self-sufficient is a big aspect of life. In both readings, each character has trouble with trusting their instincts and relying on others. They imply that trusting yourself will help you determine a number of things. In Diagnosing and Treating Ophelia Syndrome, Ophelia did not know whether to trust the intentions of Hamlet. In return, she called for help from her brother and he replies with “best safety lies in fear.” Meaning the way she felt…

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