Analysis Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest By Ken Kesey

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Kenneth Elton “Ken” Kesey was the novelist that wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a narrative that examined the maltreatment of a psychiatric hospital; it was published in 1962. Shortly after Kesey graduated from University of Oregon in 1957, he was offered a scholarship to Stanford University in a creative writing program, it was during that time he volunteered to participate in an analysis administered by the U.S. Army where he was given hallucinatory drugs and was asked to report on their results. He also held a position at a mental institution as an attendant. Those experiences gave him an insight and served as his basis for his successfully written 1962 novel. Fear is the most powerful enemy, some find their way to defeat …show more content…
When McMurphy steps onto the scene he is given a role as various, being depicted as one who does not have a place with the acutes but rather likewise does not have a place with the chronics. McMurphy is appeared on his first day acquainting himself with all patients, acutes, chronics, walkers wheelers, and vegetables alike.This catches Chief off guard as he is not accustom to seeing a man come into the ward with so much life remaining in his body and mind. McMurphy 's perspective of everybody as an equivalent gives him moment believability as a pioneer amongst the patients. McMurphy in this book follows very closely with the story of Jesus Christ, he is to become the stories tragic hero who will ultimately fall for the greater good of his people (the patients). McMurphy will symbolize complete altruism in the end of this novel as he will be used sacrificially to prove his virtues and the opinions of the group. Another relevant biblical symbol that Ken Kesey outlines is the electro shock therapy table that is shaped to look like a cross that uses restraints on the arms and head, much like the original crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This description as foreshadowing for McMurphy’s sacrifice as he will eventually be put on the cross so that Ms. Ratched can send a message to the other patients in the

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