Analysis Of ' Night Of The Living Dead ' Essays

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Monsters have long been used to express an inner flaw or turmoil that is manifested in a particular society or an individual. We see this time and time again, from Little Red Riding Hood to the collection of Grimm’s Fairytales. Night of the Living Dead, the movie can be seen as a struggle or revolt against collectivism and consumer culture. When the Night of the Living Dead is looked at in comparison to the time it was created, a deeper meaning becomes much more transparent. NoTLD was filmed in the 60’s, a time known for its counter-cultural movements and revolutionaries. This generation was revolting against the traditional values of the 50’s and social norms of the time. Night of the Living Dead can be seen as the synthesis of the social turmoil of the period, as it was a way for the society to condense the fear it had into a concrete “enemy”, no longer dealing with abstractions.
The 50’s were very conservative compared to the 60’s. World War II had ended, and many middle class white families flocked to the suburbs. The suburbs were often composed of similar looking houses all lined up in perfect alignment. These suburbs had little diversity and were very similar. The families were “nuclear”, which means that the parents were heterosexual, with typically two children. Traditional gender roles were taken up, the wife would clean and cook and often stay home while the husband was the bread winner. It was also around this time that mass marketing developed thanks to the TV.…

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