Essay on Analysis Of ' Never Again Would Birds ' Song Be The Same '

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“Never Again Would Birds’ Song Be the Same” by Robert Frost is a sonnet that describes and compares the voice of someone he admires to the sounds of the birds and the way their sound travels. An initial inference before reading this sonnet reveals itself in the title. Frost reveals that there will be a change in the birds’ song –it will never be the same. In order to understand the change that will occur in this sonnet, it is important to understand the entirety of the sonnet—the theme, sound pattern, rhyme, and sense.
In general, this sonnet is about the positive impact a loved one leaves on their surroundings as told by someone who admires her deeply. Frost explores this topic through the story of Adam and Eve. Frost sets the scene in a garden in line two and he introduces Eve in line three. The introduction of Eve in a garden suggests that there is a religious influence in this sonnet. In the first line of the sonnet, Frost introduces a mysterious “He”. With the knowledge that Eve is in a garden with birds, the mysterious “He” could be Adam from the Creation story. Throughout the sonnet, Adam speaks of Eve in a positive light, “Her tone of meaning but without the words./ Admittedly an eloquence so soft/ Could only have an influence on birds/ When call or laughter carried it aloft./ Be that as may be, she was in their song”. The sonnet describes how the speaker sees Eve as radiating happiness to all that is around her. This idea originates from the words “eloquence” and…

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