Essay about Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's ' Young Goodman Brown '

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Within society there is good and evil. Sometimes the good overrule the evil while at other time it’s reverse. It all comes down to one’s morality and inner strength. Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne express the ruling of evil within mankind. In the story Brown has to face something in the forest but his wife mentions she is a afraid to have bad thoughts, but prayer will help strengthen one’s soul that fears. On his journey in the forest he meets and old man with a serpent on the staff. Then the two come across a woman named Goody Cloyse that is a respected person within the village. Goody Cloyse reveals the old man as the devil and herself as a witch going to the ceremony within the forest. Brown is awaken by familiar voices and makes his way to the ceremony. There he see everything around is fire and two people arrived covered in a robe with their faces cover. When the faces si reveal he recognizes his wife Faith and yells “resist the evil”! that’s when everything disappears and Brown makes his way to the village where everyone was before he left. Brown could see the evil within everyone and completely lost his faith to the day he died. In the story the readers can see that morality weakens the public 's faith through the devil, choices, and outcome.

One way the readers can see morality weakens faith occurs when the devil meets Brown. Even though in the begining Brown didn’t know the old man was the devil there was signs that could have helped. The old man…

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