Analysis Of ' Mirrors ' By Sylvia Plath Essay

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Sylvia Plath’s ‘Mirrors’ was written two years before she had committed suicide and the context behind this was mainly due to her chronic depression. On the other side of the spectrum, ‘Morning Song’ was written and composed in dedication to her newborn daughter, Frieda. ‘Mirrors’ records the life of a woman staring at herself through reflection the clear and uninfluenced eyes of a mirror, there is a consistent pessimistic view about revealing one’s true self. ‘Morning Song’, however is filled with joy and optimism, it celebrates and glorifies the birth of Plath’s daughter and the title refers to the “song” of her daughter’s cry and the “morning” signifies the beginning of a new life. There are very few similarities as both these poems are polar opposites and blatantly contrast each other, the only similarity is her writing style although both written through different perceptions.
‘Mirrors’ begins with the speaker of the poem being a mirror saying that unlike everything else it does not have a preconceived idea of the reflection on it. It states that it will reflect exactly what it sees, the truth and will never lie regardless of the person looking into it. There are several themes interwoven into the poem about appearances, time and femininity. The mirror starts off by repeatedly voicing how accurate and unbiased it is in showing appearances. In the second stanza it highlights a woman looking at herself through her reflection on a lake and sees her true appearance and the…

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