Analysis Of Michael Jackson 's Earth Essay

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Michael Jackson’s Earth Song is a brilliantly beautiful work of art uniquely different in comparison to anything he had ever done before. Jacksons’ use of compelling lyrics accompanied by his powerful voice sets a captivating tone for the piece. This is accompanied by the music guiding the listeners through the song. Listeners get a sense of the impact of the message through the mood portrayed by. Both of these key components alongside the stunning imagery of a calm, thriving forest to war, poverty and deforestation convey a strong, persuasive message; we are destroying Mother Nature; our earth; and all things living. Michael Jackson’s Earth Song is refreshing and inspiring making it one of his greatest hits with a long lasting impact leaving the audience in awe.

The audience is captivated through Jacksons’ strong persuasive lyrics regarding his love for the world. He argues why our relationship with the world needs to maintain strong in order for humanity to stay alive. He highlights that our existence is merely taking advantage of the home Mother Nature has provided us with. This is evident through Jacksons’ use of symbolism and power in his voice as he is speaking his lyrics. It is the innocence of nature; the easiness of how gentle nature is; yet within seconds, humanity has the power to destroy it that is so awakening. In addition, Jacksons’ soft-spoken voice, like a child, sounds worried, distraught and sad. As the music gets louder however, Jackson’s voice becomes…

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