Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's ' I Have A Dream ' Essay

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Civil rights amendments, three amendments that gave African Americans to do everything that the white people could do. Even though slavery was abolished and there were equal rights for voting and protection, after these amendments were passed all hell broke loose. In 1954 Brown vs Board of Education was a big court case about segregation. Right after Brown won the court case America was in a hell hole. Then in 1963 two speeches that were about segregation will never be forgotten. Staring with governor George Wallace and his “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever” speech, then 6 months later Doctor Martin Luther King gave his “I HAVE A DREAM” arguing against Wallace’s speech. Both having Logos, Ethos, Pathos and Kairos, these two speeches can be compared and contrast.
Doctor Martin Luther King Jr, a native from Alabama which happens to be the state capital of the confederate. From King’s famous I Have A Dream speech he will always be remembered as a hero and a symbol for anti-segregation. He is well known for his non-violent actions against segregation. King served in the Birmingham Bus Boycott as leader fighting for his and every other African American right to sit where they please on a bus. From the bus boycott being successful his name grew bigger and became more famous in the Civil Rights Movement. In Albany, Georgia King started a series of non-violent anti-segregation protests in Birmingham, Alabama in the Spring of 1963. Since the protest was a success, King’s…

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