Essay on Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr.

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One August afternoon, at the height of racial segregation, a man stood at Lincoln memorial with hopes to demolish racism, not with violence, but with words of peace. With little more than four words, magnificent applause spread amongst thousands of racial justice supporters who began to feel even more empowered and passionate about the cause than ever before. “I Have a Dream,” has become one of the most revolutionary speeches of all time, and it’s deliverer, Martin Luther King Jr., has left a legacy to last for many years . Through the use of vivid imagery, allusion, and elevated and poetic diction, a carefully crafted work of art was born, and King was able to effectively appeal to his audience and encourage Americans to fight for equality among races.
Giving the white population the opportunity to step inside the black man’s shoes is a must in this speech, and what better way to do so than with imagery? King was a master of imagery. Strategically placing images where most appropriate, and writing them in pleasing tones helped the audience to better understand his thoughts and visions for the world around him. In paragraph 2, King paints a picture of the seething, dark abyss that is racial injustice. He states “the Negro is still badly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination.” Not only does this further explain the pain and suffering forced on the black population through slavery and torturous activity, but also brands the message into…

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