Analysis Of Maple Leaves On A River Essay

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Medium- Medium refers to the material used to create a piece of artwork. Most artworks are created for different purposes and to tell distinctive stories and by using various mediums the artist can achieve this. Two examples of unlike mediums include paintings and hand-colored prints. An interesting example of an unconventional medium is an artwork called “Maple Leaves on a River” created by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). This artist took a sheet of paper he had painted blue and let a chicken with red paint on his feet run freely on it. Hokusai created this artwork that communicated a sensation to his audience of a fall day by the river without actually showing this. “Maple Leaves on a River” is a perfect example of an artist using an offbeat medium to depict his idea in a different way. (A self-portrait made by Katsushika Hokusai in 1849)
Ceramic- Ceramic is commonly an object made of clay, hardened with heat, painted, and sealed with a protective coating. Ceramic artwork has been an art form for the longest time with the earliest humans making pots, vases, stoneware, and figurines. In the 16th century an artist in Japan created a ceramic tea bowl that would have been prized for its beauty in that day and time. The 16th century tea bowl would have been highly thought after for its irregularities in color and shape and was created to be appreciated by its user.

(Ceramic artwork made by Sondra Hastings)

Calligraphy- Calligraphy in China is considered to be one…

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