Analysis Of ' Lesson Of The Moth ' By Arthur Miller Essay

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Individuals often experience internal and external conflict when they wish to embrace individualism instead of constantly conforming towards collectivism. In the poem “Lesson of the Moth”, Marquis describes that rather than maintaining ordinary conventionalities, individuals should actively fulfill their own satisfactions and desires by freely expressing their own interests rather than conceding to longevity. In Act One of in the play The Crucible, Arthur Miller suggests that when a community no longer experiences conflicts and confrontations from other religious groups, certain individuals begin to desperately yearn for individual freedom by having the ability to express their own beliefs and values without being publicly persecuted. Both texts illustrate that when individuals become too immersed into accomplishing stability and security, they consequently sacrifice their individual expression and freedom.
Many people often prefer living a long, extensive life; however, because of this decision, they often sacrifice their desire to fulfill momentary, short-lived satisfactions. As a result, despite their longevity, they are unable to fully embrace and experience the beauty of excitement. In “The Lesson of the Moth”, the moth attempts to achieve excitement and beauty by breaking into an electric light bulb. He believes that “it is better to be happy for a moment and be burned up with beauty than to live a long time and be bored all the while.” This demonstrates his unique…

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