Essay on Analysis Of Laymen 's Terms, The Definition Of God

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Try having a Christian explain, in laymen’s terms, the definition of God. Better yet, try explaining to someone any strong emotion felt by an individual in a clear-cut manner. The task is simply impossible. Every emotion which passes through the human vessel is entirely subjective to one’s own experience and understanding. A solution to this problem of universalizing an individual’s abstraction of an idea, could be to paint a metaphysical picture with the use of characteristics that are recognizable to those experiencing the same phenomenon. The use of orature in Idowu’s chapter on Olódùmaré, or Olorun, and the conception the Yoruba people have of him as articulated through his attributes, aims to alleviate Olorun as an abstraction. By expanding on Olorun’s attributes as the originator of all things, his omnipotent presence, and as the supreme judge, one can formulate a rudimentary understanding on who Olorun is in reference to the belief of Yoruba people. To illustrate, Idowu opens his attributes with owing everything in heaven and on earth to Olorun, involving names he’s known as, Ęlèmi “The Owner of the spirit", or "The Owner of life” (39). These characteristics denote his mighty ability as the creator of all and as an end in himself. Olorun is said to give life to day and night, as well as time and seasons. In Yoruba, there is a saying “Olorun’s works are mighty” which Idowu described as an expression of awe, of wonder, of praise, of his greatness as the creator of all…

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